Spring League Announced!

As the first season of the new USA College Clay Target League is now complete, those teams and others now have a spring season to look forward to as well!

The expansion will allow students to compete throughout the school year. Registration opens in February.

Any post-secondary institution—from community colleges to four-year universities— can participate, and colleges can take part in multiple disciplines.

The League expects fast growth of the college program in the spring and beyond. “We’ve had a great start to our inaugural season, with colleges across the country participating,” says League Vice President John Nelson. “We’ve had about 400 inquires to start a college team, so we expect the USA College Clay Target League to grow substantially moving forward.”

Plus, Nelson says, 15 percent of registered college participants participated in high school clay target leagues. As more students get involved at the high school level, college teams should naturally grow more popular.

College teams shoot at their local ranges, submit scores online, and compare scores against other teams in their conferences. To be eligible, a team has to be a registered student organization that follows the rules set forth by its institution. Students need to obtain their firearms safety certification and each team needs a head coach.

See the 2020 College League Spring Schedule HERE!