2022 Spring League

Spring League Registration – Feb 1st to March 20th!

College teams and student athletes from across the country are invited to join the Spring League! Student athletes considering joining a team are required to earn League-approved firearm safety certification.

New Students:  Contact your coach to receive a Team ID that enables you to make a new AMS profile in ClayTargetGO!. Once your profile is complete, you are eligible to be invited to complete the registration process.  Watch for a notification on your AMS dashboard with a link to register.

Existing Students: Previous League participants already have an AMS profile in ClayTargetGO!. Please login to your AMS profile and update any missing information. Once your coach invites you to register, you will be able to complete the registration process by following the link in the notification on your AMS dashboard.

Coaches will invite students to register using the League’s Team Management System in ClayTargetGO!. Once invited, athletes will be notified via email and by notification on their AMS/ClayTargetGO! dashboard that they are now eligible to register.

Log into your team account on ClayTargetGO! to move waiting list and/or previously participated athletes to the Invited list. After the move, the student athlete is eligible to register!

Questions about ClayTargetGO/AMS? Watch the video!

2023 Schedule:

  • February 1: Team and student athlete registration opens.
  • March 20: Team and student athlete registration closes Noon CT. Last day for athlete and/or team withdrawal for registration fee refund.
  • March 26: Practice Week 1 begins
  • April 2: Practice Week 2 begins
  • April 9: Reserve Week begins
  • April 10: Conferences announced
  • April 16: Competition Week 1 begins
  • April 23: Competition Week 2 begins
  • April 30: Competition Week 3 begins
  • May 7: Competition Week 4 begins
  • May 14: Competition Week 5 begins
  • May 21: Fun Week begins
  • May 23: Season final results posted