School Eligibility

Any postsecondary school including colleges, universities, community colleges, junior colleges, career schools, technical schools, or vocational schools located in the United States is eligible to participate.

Team Eligibility

In the safe and fun spirit with which this League was formed, the League encourages all students who meet athlete eligibility requirements to be included on a team. Teams require:

  • Approval from the school to have a clay target/shooting sport activity as a Registered Student Organization (RSO) and to reference the school name in the team name (ex. Sample Technical College, Clay Target Club at University Of Sample), AND
  • A minimum of five student athletes, AND
  • An Head Coach 18 years of age or older.

An unlimited number of athletes are allowed on a team. The number of members on a team is usually determined by shooting range availability and capacity. It is important that the Head Coach and the shooting range work together to determine the number of students the coaching staff and facility can safely and efficiently accommodate.

Registered Student Organization (RSO)

A Registered Student Organization or “sport club” is originated and formed by currently enrolled students sharing a common interest to regularly contribute to the campus community by hosting and participating in activities for students to engage beyond the classroom. A RSO is registered through the school by complying to the guidelines established by the school and they clearly articulate a mission consistent with the school’s mission and are open to all students without regard to race, religion, color, gender, age, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.

RSO guidelines typically include:

  • Be controlled and managed by students.
  • Membership open to all full-time students of the school.
  • A minimum number of members are required.
  • Abide by federal, state, city, and school laws and policies.
  • Create, maintain and abide by a constitution.
  • Have an advisor who is a faculty/staff member of the school
  • Abide by all regulations of the school’s RSO requirements.

If a clay target club/team is not currently formed at your school, ask school officials for more information on how to start a RSO.

Student Athlete Eligibility

Any student enrolled in school at the time of the student athlete registration deadline date is eligible to participate if he/she:

  • Has a League-approved firearm safety certificate, AND
  • Meets all school and team eligibility requirements, AND
  • Complies with the League’s Policies & Procedures, AND
  • If the team has the capacity to accommodate the student.

Postsecondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) students are allowed to participate on team if the team rules allows it.