Everyone is invited to participate!

The League invites all student athletes to participate in the 2023 College National Championship!

This “virtual” trap shooting event allows all League teams to participate in an inclusive season-ending event that invites all League student athletes to compete in season-average classifications at the convenience of the team’s shooting range.

Teams will complete the event during pre-determined multiple-day time period. Coaches will be responsible for submitting scores through their Team Management System in ClayTargetGo!. Scores and rankings will be published on the League’s website shortly after the completion of the event. Awards will be shipped directly to teams for both individual and team honors.

College National Championship (Trap)October 30th – November 6th, 2023

The College National Championship is currently trap shooting only. Other disciplines may be added for future events based on participation.

In order of importance, the three priorities of the League are safety, fun and marksmanship.

All participants and spectators are required to adhere to all event rules and requirements included in the League’s Policies & Procedures.

Competition & Score Submission Timing

Competition must occur at the team’s local shooting range during the tournament dates. Score submissions must occur prior to 9 p.m. CT on the final day of the tournament.


All current registered student athletes and teams are invited to participate. A team requires a minimum of five student athletes to participate in the team competition. All student athletes are eligible for the individual competition.


Upon notification that tournament registration is open, coaches must login to their Team Management System and select Tournament Registration to select the participating athletes.

Upon the submission of the tournament roster, a registration email with link for payment will be sent to the emails listed in the student athlete’s profile. Payment must be made online via credit card, debit card, or ACH payment prior to the registration deadline. No check payments are allowed for individual student athlete payment.

Tournament rosters for paid student athletes is available to be viewed and downloaded in the Team Management System.

No registrations will be allowed after the tournament registration deadline.

Registration Fees

The League requires a non-refundable $25 per athlete per tournament registration fee. The registration fees includes an official tournament t-shirt. T-shirts will be shipped to the team shipping address.

Each team is required to be responsible for any or all associated expenses (IE: targets and/or ammunition) conducting the tournament at their local shooting range. The League is responsible for all tournament award expenses.

Practice Rounds

Practice round(s) are allowed prior to declaring competition target rounds.

Competition Format

Each student athlete is required to shoot at 100 targets. Poor competition round scores cannot be “redone”. The single 100-target competition score will be used for BOTH individual and team events.


Download scoresheet.

Individual Competition

All athletes will participate in the “High Score” (highest number of targets hit) competitions in their corresponding classification. Student athlete classifications are determined after Week 5 by using the student athlete’s year-end average weekly score for all participating weeks. Non-participating weeks are not included in average scores. Registered student athletes that did not post any scores during the conference season are eligible to participate and will automatically be assigned to the Varsity classification.
Novice: 0-14.99 average per round
Junior Varsity: 15-18.99 average per round
Varsity: 19-25 average per round

Individual Competition Tiebreaker
If a tiebreaker is required for any places, the longest reverse run of hit targets by the athletes will be used. The longest reverse run score will start from the last (100th) target and count backwards until a missed target is reached to determine the tiebreaker score (indicated in yellow on the second 50-target Session example trap scoresheet below).

If there is a tie after the longest run is totaled, then a tie for that place is declared. Coaches MUST submit reverse run scores for ALL student athletes in EACH 50-target Session when submitting scores.

Sample Session 2 scoresheet:

View and download the reverse run example.

Team Competition

The top five student athlete scores from a team will be used to determine the overall team score. No squadding is required. 

Team Competition Tiebreaker
If a tiebreaker is required for any places, the team member with the highest round score from each team will be used to break the tie. Subsequent score comparisons will be used if the top score is tied.

Submitting Scores

Score submissions for the tournament will be available on the first day of the tournament through your Team Management System. The software will automatically calculate all scores.

  1. Login to TMS
  2. Select “Tournament” from the menu to select Session 1 (first 50 scores) or Session 2 (last 50 scores) to begin entering scores. Select “Scratch” for a student athlete if he/she is not participating in the tournament.
  3. Reverse run score entries (see “Sample Session 2 scoresheet example” for instructions to calculate the reverse run score).
    • Session 1: Enter the reverse run score.
      • The reverse run score cannot be larger than the total score for Session 1 for each student athlete. The Session 1 reverse run score is only used to calculate the final reverse run score of both Sessions IF a student athlete scores a 50 in Session 1. For example: Session 1 reverse run = 50 and Session 2 reverse run = 32 (missed the 18th target), then the total reverse run score will be 18.
    • Session 2: Enter the reverse run score.
    • Final reverse run score calculation: Is automated for the posted scores.
    • If the Session 2 score is less than 50, then the Session 1 reverse run score is automatically disregarded and the Session 2 reverse run score is used for the tiebreaker comparison.
  4. Verify that all entered numbers are correct and select “Save” to submit scores.
  5. After scores are submitted, an email confirmation is sent to all team staff members that are selected to receive scoring email confirmation in their TMS profile preferences.
  6. If a scoring error occurs, follow the same score submission process to correct the score.

Score submissions must occur prior to 9 p.m. CT on the last day of the tournament. All scores are final when the score submission deadline expires.

Tournament results will be published shortly after the completion of the tournament on the League’s website: www.claytargetleaderboard.com


The following awards will be awarded for the tournament:

Team: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Individuals: Novice, Junior Varsity and Varsity: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place by gender.

Season and Championship awards will be mailed to teams shortly after the Championship is completed.

Suspension Of Competition Due to Hazardous Weather Conditions

In the event of inclement weather before or during the Championship, safety must be your team’s first priority. When lightning is observed or thunder is heard, the event must be suspended. The occurrence of lightning or thunder is not subject to interpretation or discussion. Lightning is lightning; thunder is thunder.

Everyone must take shelter either inside of a building, shelter or vehicle. If, after lightning is seen, and it does not reoccur for 30 minutes, the event may continue. If not, reschedule the event prior to the deadline.

Email support@usaclaytarget.com

Good Luck & THANK YOU!

This event is possible because of the dedication of coaches, assistants, schools, student athletes and spectators that make it a competitive, enjoyable and safe experience.